Why You Should Never Use Your Daughter’s Favorite Stuffed Animal as a Dog Prop
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  • Post published:19/04/2021
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This is Skittles,

Skittles is Gracie’s new stuffed bear, excuse me……….. new stuffed bunny.

Skittles is not just any ordinary stuffed bunny, she is a bunny made from scratch by Gracie at a store where kids can create their own stuffed animal. Everything from her little heart, that Gracie kissed before it was placed ever so carefully inside her,to the sequin shoes, were picked by Gracie, for Skittles. She even comes with her very own birth certificate.

Skittles is Gracie most prized possession at the moment, and as you can tell she is very colorful. She is the perfect little prop to use when you are trying to work on your photography skills. You know, bright colors against a dark background. A dark background like your brown dog.

I saw my opportunity to test these skills the other day when Gracie wasn’t at home and Skittles was left unattended sitting on the couch staring at me.

I saw my opportunity and I ran with it, without thinking of the consequences.

Cute right?


Until Leroy abandoned her and she took a face plant on the concrete.

Of course, I rushed to her aide immediately, but I was taken out by a 150 pound Newf who just realized that there was a bunny in distress.

That is when things got ugly.

In the matter of seconds I went from shooting beautiful pictures of my dog and Skittles to a stand off with a dog holding my daughter’s most prized possession.

The hostage situation went down a little something like this:

Me: Drop the bunny Leroy

Leroy: Woof

Me: Drop the damn bunny Leroy.

Leroy:-no response

Then he did the thing that all dogs do when they have something soft and fluffy in their mouth.

He shook the bunny.

Me: (now totally in a state of panic) “Your gonna defluff Skittles and her little heart is going to be thrown on the ground and I am going to be the worst mother ever, again! Drop the hostage and no one will get hurt!”

Leroy: Woof

I can not tell you what I said next. It would burn your ears and I would go to hell if I repeated it again.

And then I leaned in for the grab. It was a risky move, but a move I had to make, or the bunny was gonna get it.

Thankfully, my neighbor was peering over the fence at this exact moment in time. I think she was a little distraught that I was having a mental breakdown in the backyard with my dog and a stuffed bunny. Either way, her presence distracted Leroy just enough for me to make a successful grab.

After I regained custody,  I gave my neighbor the thumbs up and I carefully inspected Skittles and to my surprise, besides a little bit of slobber, she was in pretty good shape.

No puncture wounds noted.

Heart fully intact.

I cleaned her up a bit and put her back on the couch, right where Gracie left her.

2 hours later, Gracie came back home to get Skittles and she asked me why Skittles fur was crunchy.

Of course I told her I had no idea and she came to the conclusion, all by herself, that Leroy must of slobbered on her when he was barking out the front window, just above where Skittles was sitting.

Yep. That must of been what happened. It was all Leroy’s fault.

And yes, I realize I’m going to hell.

(oh, and to my family members who are reading this post, I can count at least 5 of you, I will pay you each a handsome reward in return for your silence)

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