Why I Took Leaves From My Parents And Now I’m Taking Them Back
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Last week the kids and I went to my parents house to help rake some leaves.

We had to go help rake leaves because apparently I put my foot in my mouth when I wrote my post a few weeks ago about how I LOVED to rake leaves.

Let my clarify so that there is no more confusion.

I like to rake MY leaves.

I don’t like to rake anyone else’s leaves, especially my parents leaves.

I told them many, many years ago to stop planting so many damn trees.

But………………………. I put my foot in my mouth so I had to go help.


So when we got to my parents house I immediately told the kids to get raking and I went in the house to prepare myself by eating a Snickers bar and watching from the kitchen window.

As I was observing my parents and kids hard at work I noticed how gorgeous my parents leaves were.

They had orange, yellow and beautiful red leaves covering their ground.

The leaves at my house are just brown and ugly.

So I shoved the rest of the Snickers bar in my mouth, grabbed a garbage bag and ran outside.

“I’m taking some of these leaves home!” I exclaimed. (yes, I exclaimed)

“What? Why?” my Dad asked.

“Because they’re gorgeous and they would look really good in the backyard with the dogs.” I told him

“So you’re going to rake up our leaves and go throw them all over your yard?” my Dad asked.

“Yeah. But first I’ll have to rake up all my ugly brown leaves.” I said

“That makes total sense. Where did I go wrong with you?” my Dad asked.


I ignored that question and bagged up my leaves. My Dad and I are two peas in pod. I knew he was just jealous that I had such an awesome idea.

So after we were done I went home, raked my leaves and then threw their leaves all over.

To my disappointment, the leaves didn’t look as good in my yard as they did in theirs so I’m taking their leaves back this weekend.

And don’t tell my husband about this, I made the kids swear to keep it a secret and you must too.





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