What Happens In Florida Does Not Stay in Florida
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Alright let’s get real. I need to start talking about my trip to Florida for the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships. I have so much to share that I am going to break it down for you….. somehow. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I will.
I took over 350 pictures and saw such amazing things and met some amazing people and dogs that I am still overwhelmed by the whole trip. Getting it all organized will take some time so bare with me.

I figured I would start out on an embarrassing note. I mean embarrassment is just a natural part of my life so why would it be any different at the biggest dog show of the year?

I won’t even go into much detail about the airport. Let’s just say I spent way too much time in the Orlando airport than I should have. I mean really, am I the only one who forgets what color luggage they brought  and has to call their husband to check? Am I the only one who stands at baggage claim for over an hour and then realizes that they are in the wrong spot? I know someone else in the world has done this too.
Am I the only one who waited for a shuttle for over 45 minutes in the wrong spot?
No. I am sure some else on another planet has done that too.

What I can tell you  is that I was the only one at the Pink Carpet Gala (a formal, private cocktail party before the Saturday show) drinking Bud Light.
Classy? No. Me? Yes.
 Did I make the bartender smile when I asked for a can of Bud Light minus the glass in my Saturday night best? Yes.

From left to right you have the VIP Bloggers of the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship:

Diane from To Dog with Love.
Dr. V from Pawcurious
Susi from Knobnotes
Pam from Pet Blogs United
and me- the Bud Light Girl.
(if you haven’t visited these blogs before, you are missing out because they are all wonderful blogs and have fantastic authors who I now not only think of as fellow bloggers but also new found friends)

Pay attention to the pink pashminas that a few of the girls are wearing, they will come into play in a bit.

So consuming a few Bud Lights at a formal event while everyone else is drinking Eukatinis ( a pink martini) is not so bad especially when a photographer from a BIG show magazine takes a picture of us and wants to make sure that the Bud Light label is visible and then says “That is awesome”.
Seriously, that happened.

What’s not so awesome is when you are being interviewed on camera and the person asks you why you think you were chosen as a blogger to be at the event and you say,  “I have no idea.” the reporter looks at you and then you say again “Seriously, I have no idea why I was chosen.”
  (wait…it gets better)
Then the very gracious reporter just blows that off and asks about the cute pink pashimina tied around your waist.
(pink pashminas are a Eukanuba tradition at this show, It’s how it’s done… Eukanuba style.)
( Before we headed off to the show I had the pashimina around my shoulders but it kept slipping off so I did a quick tie it around my waist thing)

“The pink pasmina looks very cute around your waist, how did you come up with that idea? asks the reporter.
My answer, ” Well you see, that’s how we roll in Cleveland.”
 OMG!!!! seriously did I just say that on camera!!! Can I take that back??? Pleeeease!!!
 OMG!!! OMG!!!! What is wrong with me!!! ( bang hand on head)
After a few more questions and quick shout out to Leroy my interview was cut short and I am sure thrown into the “Never to be aired” pile
In my defense- bright lights, camera, stage fright, Bud Light. Need I say more?

So as I walked to the show I continued to shake my head in horror about what I had said.
I got over it pretty quick as soon as I found my seat ringside at the show.
We had the best seats in the house.
We’ll get to that in future posts but one more thing…….When the shows air in February and you are watching it, if you hear a loud bang in the back round, that was me stepping on a part of the floor that I should NOT of  stepped on. My sincere apologies to the dog that was running around the ring at that time.

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