They’re Alive!
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This past weekend brought cooler temperatures to Northern Ohio and I was able to see something that I haven’t seen in about 6 months. 
My dogs…. ALIVE…..coming out of their summer hibernation.
Temps in the 40’s and 50’s brought them back to life.
It sure was a site for sore eyes seeing all three of them running around the backyard. 

It cracked me up to see Sherman’s crazy facial expressions as he chased Plunger around the yard.

This shot is crazy as Plunger displays that his bite is bigger than his bark!
“Whoa!!!! You are going to fly away with those ears little man!”
Run Plunger………….RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out Leroy’s superb move as he dashes to catch the beagle!
Catch me if you can BIG boys!
I have to wonder what was going through Plunger’s head as he was being chased by two 150 pound dogs.
Probably that he is smarter and quicker than both of them combined.

It warmed my heart to see them out having so much fun and acting crazy again, and don’t worry NO Beagles or Newfs were harmed during this display of Catch the Beagler!

The cooler temps also made our K9 Kamp Challenge #4- Jump Around a piece of cake. (YUMMY)
Alright, I’m lying a bit here.

These challenges keep getting harder each week and
I am in need of a leg massage.
This week we were challenged to JUMP with our dog.
It took me a little bit to figure out exactly how I was going
to jump with a Newfoundland without risking injury to any
of his joints. Lucky for me my husband is a genius and he
had the great idea to build a little jumping obstacle for us.

A 2×4 and a few buckets made this a great obstacle for Sherman to jump and with a little bit of coaxing and reassurance Sherman was able to clear the 12 inch obstacle with ease.
We actually did this challenge over a few days doing about 5 jumps per day.

I will have you know……… that I did do these jumps with Sherman, without incident. Believe it or Not:)
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