The Adventures Of Odin And Finn. October Edition
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  • Post published:19/04/2021
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The Adventures Of Odin And Finn. October Edition

I thought that I would bring a little fall cheer to your week by sharing some of the hundreds of pictures that I took of Odin and Finn this week. 

Don’t worry, I won’t share every single picture, just some of my favorites! 

the adventures of Odin and Finnthe adventures of Odin and Finn

We’ve been having such amazing fall weather here in Ohio and it’s been great for getting out and about with both the boys. 

Odin loves to go on adventures and we’re trying to get Finn to enjoy them just as much. 

Finn is not a big fan of going for rides in the car so we are trying to work on that with him.  

the adventures of odin and finnthe adventures of odin and finn

He also started going through a phase where he didn’t want to go on walks so that’s another thing that we’re trying to work on him with. 

He’s definitely a homebody. 

We started the week off visiting our favorite local ballpark. 

black and white cardigan welsh corgiblack and white cardigan welsh corgi

The colors are just starting to pop here and it makes me smile to stare up at the trees. 

We also made a trip to my old stomping grounds.

I used to go to this small park with Leroy and I haven’t been there in a few years. 

landseer newfoundland in parklandseer newfoundland in park

It was nice to go back.

I was hoping to catch some of the beautiful fall colors but the trees in the area didn’t have as much change as I thought they would. 

The park was also super crowded for a weekday, with a lot of kids and groups of people so while it was good exposure for Odin and Finn, it wasn’t that great for taking pictures because they were very distracted with the hustle and bustle. 

After the park, I had planned to take my daughter and the boys to a place that I visited a lot when I was a teenager. 

The witches grave at a local, old cemetery. 

The problem was that when we got back to the car to head over there, I realized that I forgot to bring the dog’s water jug with us. 

newfoundland and corginewfoundland and corgi

It was in the low 70’s that day and they needed a drink so we headed home.

We plan on going back next week!

We also had some fun with costumes. 

corgi wearing batman costumecorgi wearing batman costume

Not only does Finn have a Chucky costume but he also has a Bat Dog costume. 

He fits the role pretty well with those huge ears!

Finn’s winter coat also arrived. 

cardigan welsh corgi wearing dog coatcardigan welsh corgi wearing dog coat

I ordered it off of Amazon and to be honest, I don’t know if Corgi’s need a coat in the winter but I thought it was better to be over-prepared than underprepared. 

It’s a little big but it will work if we need it to!

landseer Newfoundland next to white mumlandseer Newfoundland next to white mum

We ended the beautiful week with a gorgeous sunset. 

Odin watched the sunset and I watched Odin. 

I’m glad that I live in a world where there are dogs and Octobers. 

landseer newfoundland and sunsetlandseer newfoundland and sunset


Next week we’ll be starting the week off with baths.

Followed by some more adventures since the weather is going to be good for most of the week!


I hope that these pictures brought a smile to your day and if you want, I can continue to share posts like this a few times a month!

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