Tail Troubles
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This face.

It’s a face that gives the impression that he is so sweet and innocent.

I’m just laying here looking sad and sweet and this is all I do all day long.


This sad pathetic face finds itself in more mischief than you can imagine.

It’s the kind of mischief that most other dogs don’t find themselves in.

Take Leroy and my alarm clock.

The alarm clock seems to be a source of ongoing mischief for both of my dogs.

It should be a simple electronic device that does nothing more than wake me up in the morning but it’s constantly a source of trouble for me and the dogs.

No matter where I put it or how I rig it, it’s always an issue.

Like the morning Leroy got it wrapped around his tail.

According to the time I set my alarm to wake me up, it wasn’t even close to being time to wake up…. but since Sherman and Leroy thought it was time, the happy tails started wagging a little too early.

Happy tails wagging close to the bed means something on my nightstand is going to take a beating which is why I keep items on the nightstand to a minimal. On this morning it happened to be the alarm clock which was swept off the table and into the wall.

The alarm clock smashing against the wall was enough to make me open up an eye to take a peek to see if there was any dangerous pieces parts laying around.

Well there wasn’t any pieces parts but me opening my eyes was enough to set Leroy into motion of  “She’s up! It’s time to go outside and pee!”

So unknowingly to me, Leroy took off running towards the door with the alarm clock cord wrapped around his tail.

Obviously he didn’t get very far before the cord tightened up around his tail and he found himself unable to move forward anymore.

There was a nice high pitched dog scream that followed which in turn made me jump out bed looking to see what was going on.

Me jumping out of bed made the tail wag more, which tightened the cord around Leroy’s tail, which made him scream again.

By the time I rubbed my eyes to see if I was really seeing an alarm clock hanging from dog’s tail, my husband was up and took charge immediately.

Apparently, he doesn’t have to rub his eyes and look twice to see if an alarm clock is just about to decapitate his dog’s tail. He just knew it was and took charge and ripped the cord out of the outlet setting Leroy free.

There’s nothing like a little commotion when you wake up in the morning.

*There was no injuries to Leroy or the alarm clock. 

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