Stop Ruining My Fall Fun
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Fall is by far my most favorite time of the year.

I’m sure my reasoning’s are the same as all of you who feel the same way about this season.

The apple cider, the sweatshirts, the hot cocoa, the beauty of the trees, the smell of the leaves, the pumpkins, etc..

It’s just a great time of the year.

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is rake leaves.

I’m one of those people who don’t mind raking leaves. I don’t crab about having to do it every weekend until it snows. I don’t crab because we only have one tree in our yard and my neighbor has 10, and I’m mostly raking up leaves from her trees and not mine.

It’s all good. I love the leaves and I love being outside raking them.


This year instead of raking the leaves and just taking them out to the front lawn for the city to pick up I wanted to use some of those cute little leaf bags that look like fun little pumpkins and use them for display out in the front yard.

I bought them as a fun thing for the kids and I to do one weekend but it appears that I missed the boat on that one because they wanted nothing to do with raking leaves and putting them in the bags. They weren’t even the slightest amused with the cute little faces on them.

Then my husband tells me that I don’t need to rake leaves anymore because we have a leaf vac now.

A what?

A leaf vac. Supposedly it sucks up the leaves like a vacuum.


But I like to rake up leaves and I have these cute little leaf bags that I finally bought this year and no one wants to help me fill them and now I don’t even have to rake up leaves because we have a machine that does it.

You’re all ruining my fall fun.

So despite the fact that we now have a leaf vac I still went out and raked my leaves and put them in the cute little bags.

As I was raking and bagging the leaves Sherman and Leroy thought it would be funny if they both pissed all over and in them.


That’s just perfect. Now my cute little pumpkin leaf bags that I stuffed myself are filled with piss leaves, and the bag is covered in piss too, and now I don’t really want to pick them up and move them to the front yard because there is dog piss all over them, and every time I look at them I’m just going to see leaf bags filled with piss leaves.

So I did what anyone else would do in my situation and I threw those bags out and went up to the store, bought more leaf bags, and left the dogs inside until I was all done.

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