Single Brown Male Dog Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places.
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Spunky big boned brown male looking for a date this Sunday. Has a history of looking for love in all the wrong places, meaning he tries to date ladies of the human race instead of ladies from the canine race. Has never attempted to have a romantic relationship with the same species so this is a big and scary step in his canine life.

Likes to hump at unpredictable times,  long walks in the snow, a brisk game of fetch, barking out the window, head butts,  chicken, potato chips, green beans, being brushed, belly rubs, naps on the couch, drooling on tables and being told how handsome he is.



Dislikes ears being touched, chewing, walking too slow, lettuce, carrots, being told No, Leave It, and Wait. Also dislikes pushy ladies, dogs barking on TV, baths and having to wait for his breakfast and dinner.

Prefers females that are smaller than him and ladies that like to have a good time. Self confidence is a must or he will walk all over you.

Single Brown Male Dog Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places.Single Brown Male Dog Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places.

Goes by the name Leroy but in the streets he’s known as Badd Badd Leroy Brown because he is the baddest dog in the whole damn suburb.

Has selective hearing so may you have to repeat yourself several times.

Had a brush with death 2 years ago when he ate over 60 rocks so it’s best to keep that in mind when setting a dating venue.

He can’t be trusted to remember to come home so he needs to be returned, with leash attached, to the front door by 8:00pm Sunday evening.


Best of luck to the lucky lady, he’s a chocolate handful.

Check out Sherman’s classified ad HERE.

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