Sherman’s and Leroy’s 2017 Practical Christmas Guide
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I’m at a point with Christmas where I’m stuck on presents for everyone. My kids are at that age where they have everything that they need so now it’s a want. Their lists get smaller and smaller each year.

It’s the same thing with Sherman and Leroy. They have everything that they need. They don’t need any more toys, they like their specific treats. What they need are things to keep them comfortable, healthy and happy which is why they suggested that I make a practical Christmas Guide for their fellow dog friends this year.

So here’s a short list of some of our favorite products that have kept the boys happy, healthy and comfortable over the years:


FurBallz. Always a favorite toy around and it seems to be a favorite among Newfie owners because the size is just right. If you’re dog isn’t a heavy chewer these will hold up a long time and they’re loads of fun. You can get FurBallz at some local pet stores, I’ve seen them at Pet Valu but if you don’t have one of those by you can always order online from Amazon. Until they come out with another color, we’re at full capacity.


Cooling Pad. I’m in love with this product and so is Sherman and Leroy. We leave ours out year round and they last a few years. I’ll be ordering a new one next year. Not only is a cooling pad good to keep your dog cool but it can also give relief to aching joints. You can check out our post on cooling pads here.



CBD oil, gel capsules or treats. HUGE fan of the CBD products for dogs and I’ve seen great results with it. I wrote about using Treatibles a few months ago and since then I’ve tried out another brand called Pet Releaf. The Treatibles were working fine but Leroy has been having issues with his neck and I needed some right away so I found a local pet health store that carried CBD products for dogs. There is no denying the amazing results that I see with this product helping with pain and inflammation.


Backpack. A backpack can be a great addition to an adult dog’s daily walks. It gives them a job and it re-focuses their attention. Winter is a great time to introduce your dog to a dog pack because walks tend to be shorter during the winter months. We use the EzyDog Summit backpack but there’s a few others that you can find that will fit big dogs.


Grooming Table. If you choose to groom your dog at home, a grooming table could be your best friend. When you use a grooming table you’re able to groom the whole dog, not just one side, or just the top of them. A grooming table can also save your back. You can purchase grooming tables at some pet stores, dog shows or online. Pet Edge offers many choices of grooming tables or you can check Amazon.

High Velocity Dog Dryer. Sherman and Leroy might not have known that a dog dryer would be a good gift for them but after several years of using it, it has saved their coat many times. Not only does a dog blaster help dry a wet coat but it can blow tons of dandur, dirt and loose hair out of a dry coat. A Newfie needs to be dried after they are wet or you risk the chance of them getting hot spots. Sherman had his first hot spot ever this summer because I wasn’t drying him completely after he got out of his pool. Check out our post on dog dryers for more information.


Puzzle Toys.This is one of Sherman’s and Leroy’s favorite activities in the summer and winter. Dog puzzles keep their brain active and there’s a ton of puzzles to choose from. Some of our favorites are the Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom by PetSafe and Nina Ottosson’s Dog Tornado. I feel like these are good choices for big dogs and you can often find them at local pet stores or online at Amazon.



Dog Ramp. It’s a necessity for a big dog and if you’re thinking about getting one there is no time like the present. Not only will a dog ramp be easier on your dog’s joints but it’ll also be easier on your back. If a dog ramp isn’t your thing you can also check out dog steps for vehicles.


Dog cart. Not a cart to push your dog in but a cart that your dog can pull. Carting is wonderful bonding activity that you can do with your dog. We’ll be talking a little more about carting in the upcoming days but you can buy a pre-made cart or build one yourself. I actually just saw a cart that would be perfect for hauling this weekend. Someone was selling it for $10.  We need to make a few modifications to it but that’s a great deal and a great investment! Carting isn’t something to rush into though. The dog and you need training before you begin! Check out the 2017 Newfoundland Christmas Tree Pull List to see if you Newfies are hauling trees at a farm near you this season.


Let me know if you have any questions about the products listed above and happy shopping!


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