Santa Hat Boycott
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  • Post published:19/04/2021
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I brought out the Santa hats last week and both the boys rolled their eyes and walked away.

I think the sight of the Santa hats makes them want to vomit.

They know that the Santa hats mean sitting still for ever and me saying “These dog damn Santa hats.” or “Don’t move your head for 15 seconds.”



“Dog damn it Leroy, STAY THERE.”

“No Sherman, please don’t lay down.”

“Dog Damn it!”


“15 seconds of your time is all need you guys!”

I even armed myself with a pocket full of goldfish crackers the other day.

Apparently goldfish crackers are no longer worth it.

“Can some please look at me?’


“Minus the evil eye Leroy.”

I’m gonna fix them. I’m gonna go buy those reindeer antlers that all the cool dogs are wearing 😉

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