RuffWear Approach Pack Giveaway
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  • Post published:19/04/2021
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A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my dining room for the big clambake.
The dining room is place where all of MY stuff goes. The beautiful antique table is just covered
with dog food samples, empty boxes, cards, etc. It’s sad.
So as I was getting through the pile I came across a RuffWear Approach Pack
It was still in the package that it was shipped in. Never been used. Still has the tags on it.
So why was it never used?
Well because I ordered one for Leroy last year in a size medium.
Yup, that’s right medium. 
I was a bit skeptical because the Newfs have never been a medium in anything, but if the tape measure said it was a medium than it was medium. No questions. Tape measures don’t lie. 
Within a few days the backpack arrived in the mail and I was so excited! I ripped open the package and tried it on Leroy.
It didn’t fit. It didn’t even come close to buckling around his massive chest. I was devastated. I measured him again. It comes to be that I was measuring the wrong part of his body.
Anyway I was suppose to return and I never did. 
So here it is.
Brand new, never been used, waiting for a good dog to take it on a nice long hike.
It is a size MEDIUM. 26″-36″ (66-91cm)  **please note this will NOT fit a Newfoundland:) DUH.
Measure your dog’s girth (around widest part of the rib cage)
The Approach Pack retails for $74.95 and here is your chance to win one FREE!
*Leave a comment below telling me why your dog would like to win this backpack.
*Enter your contact information so I can contact you if you win.
*Click I DID THIS on the Rafflecopter widget.
For more chances to win follow the Rafflecopter.
This giveaway is sponsored by and is not affiliated with RuffWear.

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