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We often talk about rescuing pets from shelters and while neither Sherman or Leroy were rescued, there definitely has been some rescue efforts that have taken place since they have come into my life.

I may not have rescued them, but they most certainly have rescued me.

Absolutely they give me ulcers and worry me close to death sometimes, but they also give me happiness, laughter and unconditional love.

They have given me inspiration to write this blog, take pictures and take on new adventures.

They keep me motivated.

So when I was contacted to do a product review from Sunny Side Design on their hand stamped charms that are made for necklaces and bracelets I was totally in.

Sunny Side Design, founded by animal lover and Boston native Angelique Meader, has launched a line of customizable jewelry to honor and give back to rescue pets. The Rescue Me jewelry line features high-quality, handmade necklaces and bracelets that are customizable with silver hand-stamped charms, including a personalized “dog tag” charm featuring your pet’s name.



I chose to review the necklace of the Rescue Me line jewelry which is made with 14g sterling silver wire, 3 sterling silver hand-stamped charms and a custom dog tag charm.

The hand-stamped charms that I picked were the paw print, dog, heart, and the dog tag, which is stamped in a typewriter lowercase font, and has “rescued by sherman” on it.

I’m not a big jewelry person but I love my new necklace and I have to admit that the plan was to give this to Gracie for Christmas, but I like it to much to give it up and I already wore it out this past weekend!


What I like about the necklace is that it’s not to big, it’s just the right size and it’s different.

You can wear it causally or use it to dress up a holiday outfit.

Love it!

Sherman was the first dog that rescued me, how about you? Who was the first dog that rescued you?

About Sunny Side Design

Based just south of Boston, Mass., Sunny Side Design was founded by Angelique Meader, a stay-at-home mom of three and animal lover. Inspired by Meader’s own rescue dog, Cooper, the company launched its Rescue Me line featuring handmade, customizable jewelry to honor rescue pets, and a portion of each sale is donated to various animal rescue organizations. For more information about Sunny Side Design or the Rescue Me jewelry line, please visit Sunny Side Design or connect with them on Facebook

Disclosure-I received a Rescue Me necklace in return for my honest review of this product. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine only. 





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