Please Save The Dog Hair
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  • Post published:19/04/2021
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I was recently cleaning out our dining room.

Well it was originally a dining room turned into an office turned into the room where everything goes that doesn’t have a place. 

In other words, it’s the junk room that I keep trying to clean out but everyone keeps throwing their junk in it.

In this room, I found a plastic bag of brown dog hair.

I was so happy when I found it.

It wasn’t a sad moment and I didn’t cry.

It was a happy, I’m so glad that I saved this much of their dog hair moment.

And then it quickly went to a more morbid thought when I remembered the skeleton pony Halloween decoration that I saw at Home Depot over the weekend. 

I wondered if I had enough dog hair to cover the pony and turn it into a spooky Sherman and Leroy. 

I mean the pony IS perfect Newfie size. 

I asked my husband if he thought I had enough hair and he told me no. 

And then he shook his head and asked where I came from. 


Some people just don’t get the way a creative mind works. 

I might not have enough dog hair now but if I save up Odin’s hair for the next few months I’m sure that I will. 

So that idea is not thrown out the window just yet. 

Anyway, I took the brown hair that I found in the plastic bag and put it into Ziploc bags.

It was nice to run my fingers through it and even though it was a combination of Sherman and Leroy I could still tell which clumps belonged to who. 

If there is any advice that I can give any of you that will stick it’s to save the dog hair. 

Save some of it. 

Save a little baggie full of it right now.


Brush out a couple of brushes full, store it in a Ziploc, and put it away. 

You can also wrap a small amount of hair in tissue paper and store it in a keepsake box.

One day you will be so happy that you saved that hair and you can even put it to use by making a special keepsake ornament or jewelry, have it processed to use for future knitting projects, or even to be processed for a tattoo ink! 

I promise that you won’t be sorry.

If this message is reaching you too late and you didn’t save the hair, don’t be sad. 

I wish that I would have known about this many years ago too but now I know and I will always save the dog hair. 



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