Out Of Excuses
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  • Post published:19/04/2021
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Yesterday I got to thinking about Leroy’s show career and how it has gone absoultley no where this summer.
Either it was too hot, or he didn’t like the floor mats, or his coat was too thin, or the show was too far, or I had to work, or, or and or. The list goes on for miles………………………….and miles. 
It is September. How in the world did it get to be September? Wasn’t it just May?
Leroy needs to be finished this year. No wait……………….let me rephrase that, 
Leroy HAS to be finished by DECEMBER. 

We are way past our goal that we set back in the winter, we should of finished in the Spring.
There is a Newfoundland specialty coming up in December and Leroy needs to finished by then so that he  can be entered into the Best of Breed Class. I would give just about anything to have both my boys entered in the Best of Breed class at this show. To see them both in the ring together as champions would be breathtaking to me. This might be my one and only chance to experience that. 
I have about 2 1/2 months left, which if you are counting is about 75 days, to finish Leroy.
Shows start to get scarce in November…………………… the pressure is on.

 I wrote down all the shows that are happening in or around my area in the next 2 months. There are 5 shows left.

For the one millionth time: Leroy has 10 points towards his championship, he needs a total of 15.

I would like to think that I am the type of person who works best under pressure.
Yes….. I am that person.
The person who waits until the last minute.

The person who runs around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, and panics and freaks out.

In the middle of my freak out session the other day I gave Leroy a bath and fluffed him up.
I am NOT 100% happy with what I see.
While I think his coat has improved, I think that his back half, from about his waist back, needs to be filled out more.
His front half looks good. Which would be great if the judge only looked at half of him.
The competition is fierce out there right now AND THE COMPETITION IS IN FULL COAT.

It is what it is and I am out of time and out of excuses. We are just going to have to go for it and wish for the best.  We will start back in October.

Paws crossed:)

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