Muscle Man
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We have a new nickname for Sherman.

We call him Muscle Man.

He might not look all that muscular to you but let me just tell you that this hunk of mine has gained 5cm of muscle mass in the last 8 weeks due to his hydrotherapy session.

The vet measured Sherman’s muscle mass in his back legs right before we began the sessions and then took another measurement last Thursday and we were all very happy and surprised that Sherman gained a sufficient amount of muscle mass back in his rear legs.


We completed the sessions on Monday and can now continue as needed if we want, or not continue since Sherman has regained muscle. Right now I’m going to take the wait and see approach since Sherman is doing so well and we’ve slowly been able to work back up to 20 minutes walks. Snow is coming shortly and walking through that will be an additional work out that will continue to increase his strength, but if the weather gets too bad or too icy we will be able to schedule some more hydrotherapy sessions as needed.

I’ve added in a new joint supplement that I have seen wonderful results with and I’ll be sharing more information about that shortly.


Overall, Sherman is doing good and he seems happier than he has in a few months. He still limps at times, but he’s been able to get back to doing the things that he loves which makes me happy.




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