Monitoring Your Dog’s Health Using Voyce
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Voyce Pro

*Disclosure-This post is sponsored by Voyce. All opinions expressed here mine and mine only.

A few weeks ago Leroy was struggling to get up. I kept trying to pinpoint what exactly the issue was but he was throwing me for a loop because once he was up, he was fine. There was no limping, no vocalizing and I couldn’t elicit any pain when I touched him.  He was just struggling to get up.

Could he not get enough traction on the floor?

Was it his hips? Shoulder? Stomach pain? Back?

I had no idea.

I didn’t feel it warranted a trip to the vet just yet so I watched him carefully and implemented a massaging schedule.

During one of the massages I asked him to please just tell me what the issue was so that I could make it better.

Of course he just looked at me with those big brown eyes so I tried my past to use read his mind.


Darn it Leroy. Why can’t you talk? Why can’t you give me more signs of what’s going on?

After a few days, Leroy was fine and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Enter in a new product that I’m using called the Voyce Health Monitor™.

What is Voyce?


The Voyce Health Monitor is a monitor that your dog wears around his neck just like a collar. This collar enables remote monitoring of your dogs’ key vital signs and health indicators such as:


Measured while the dog is completely at rest, the Health Monitor takes multiple readings of the carotid pulse and averages them to minimize heart rate variability and increase accuracy. These readings are graphed over time, enabling you to view trends.


Measured while the dog is completely at rest, the Health Monitor takes multiple readings of muscle movement in the neck and averages them to increase accuracy. These readings are graphed over time, enabling you to view trends.


The sensors within the Health Monitor take multiple readings every second and it rolls them into minute-by-minute data points. The ongoing readings enable exceptional accuracy, while allowing you to track trends in weight loss and overall wellness as it relates to activity.


Sleep and restlessness are monitored continuously when your dog is at rest. This information can reveal insights into comfort levels and medication efficacy.


Your dog’s activity combined with his or her size is used to calculate daily calories burned. Use these trends to help you and to effectively achieve weight management goals.


Your dog’s activity combined with his or her size is used to calculate the distance traveled daily. You can use these trends to help your dog’s target increased activity and walking goals, for post-surgical rehabilitation, weight loss, and overall health management.

voyce pro

Using proprietary and patented sensors, much like those in application for military use, the Voyce Monitor gathers vital information about your dog and syncs wirelessly to your interactive Dashboard, allowing you to track trends over time. You can also sync this with your vet if they have implemented this in their practice.

How the Voyce Pro™ Program Works With Veterinarians:

Canine patients are enrolled in the Voyce Pro™ program based on a veterinary recommendation. The patient is provided a Voyce Pro™ Health Monitor, worn comfortably around the dog’s neck. Data parameters are set for each patient, based on their individual conditions or needs, and the Voyce Pro™ Wellness Monitoring Program will alert the veterinarian if the key vital signs and wellness indicators move outside of those set parameters. Unprecedented biometric data collected from the Voyce Health Monitor will sync with the interactive and user-friendly Veterinary Dashboard – easily accessible from any web-enabled device – that provides access to information about each patient enrolled in the Voyce Pro™ program.

Check out some case studies that used the Voyce Pro™ for Obesity & Weight Loss, Osteoarthritis & Pain Management and Heart Disease.

That’s crazy cool isn’t it? All that monitoring was done right in the comfort of the dog’s home!

Don’t worry, you can use the Voyce  Health Monitor even if your vet isn’t using it because it still provides you with all that great information right at your fingertips and if you need too, you can just show it to your vet and let them know that you’re using it and are on top of things!

I think that the Voyce Health Monitor is a great addition to understanding and monitoring your dog’s health!

voyce pro

The collar DOES come big enough to fit giant breed dogs. Leroy is wearing it in the above picture. It easily fits him with room to spare. The collar is about the same size as a regular collar, plus the monitor part. IMO, it’s not heavy. I was expecting it to produce immediate results but you have to leave it on continuously to get trends and resting rates, so that can be a con if you don’t like to have collars on your dog 24/7 BUT if your monitoring a condition, leaving a collar on at home is so much better than leaving your dog at the clinic for monitoring. The Voyce Health Monitor is durable, dust proof and waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Your dog can wear it all the time, even when swimming or bathing. It is NOT a GPS tracking device.

voyce pro

You can also help you keep track of and mange your dog’s preventative care such as, vaccines, medications, grooming and daycare. It also has a symptom checker tool, goal area and an area where you can upload all your dog’s medical records, breed paperwork and insurance documents!

You can read more about the Voyce Health Monitor here. 

p.s.The Voyce Health Monitor is NOT meant to replace veterinarian care or advice, it’s to get a better grip on your dog’s health.

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