Monday Mischief. The Holiday Card Photo Shoot That Was Anything But Smooth.
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Come on. You didn’t think the photo shoot was going to go smooth did you?

Nothing about me or my life is smooth.

My dance moves are anything but smooth. My comebacks are smoothless and lately, life has been quite bumpy, but that’s ok, smooth is not my style.

My life wouldn’t be mine if everything went smoothly.

Plain and simple, the photo-shoot was a bust. It just wasn’t as good as I dreamed it would be in my mind.

I got some good shots, but nothing that I was looking for.

Here are 5 things that could of gone a little smoother for us.

1. The sun. As an amateur photographer I prefer to do most of my photography outdoors using natural light. It’s just easier that way for me. I don’t like messing with light bulbs, backdrops and umbrellas. I want to learn these things eventually,  but first I want to learn about natural light. A bright sunny day right now is not my friend. I kept looking up at the sky trying to read the light. If you stand here the sun will be here and bounce off of this and then bounce here and there and everywhere. Obviously, I just need more practice, or clouds, and lots of ‘um.

2. Bad location for dress-wear.  The location of the shoot was a park I use to go to when I was a kid. It’s a park with water and rocks and slippery surfaces, which meant I had to give the kids strict instructions to be careful and to not move much.

Three seconds after I said that Gracie slipped on the rocks and fell into a puddle of water.

Yeah, she’s smooth just like her mother.

3. Size stickers. Bobby left the size sticker on his sweater and I didn’t realize it until I took about 50 pictures.

Darn it! Didn’t I tell you to take that off before we left the house? Smooth move.

4. Careful what you say.  Think before you speak, is what I should of done before I said this to Bobby, “It’s probably better if you don’t smile.”

Smooth motherly advice, right?

What I should of said was, “While you have the most beautiful smile in the world, for this scene, maybe you should try to have a more serious look on your face.”

Yep. Spent the whole day apologizing for that one and that’s why yesterday’s black and white photo looked how it did. I was getting the evil eye.

5. Speaking of eyes, eight eyes are just too many eyes for me to handle.  No matter how many pictures I take there is always going to be a pair of wandering eyes.

Eight eyes are never going to look at me at the same time.

Never. Ever. Ever.

Smooth Sherman, look away.

But despite our lack of smoothness, we had fun and the kids gave me some really good advice:

“Mom, stop trying to make it perfect and stop staring at the sun it will make you go blind,  just start snapping and let it happen.

Best. Advice. Ever.

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