Matters Of The Heart
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  • Post published:19/04/2021
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If I was to imagine what a dog’s heart looked like I would think that it was almost as big as they were.

No matter what the size of the dog,  it almost doesn’t fit inside their body.

I would imagine that a dog’s heart was made first and that their body was made around their heart.

I would imagine that the heart was light and fluffy and that it was filled with all things good.

I would imagine that their heart beat forever even when they were no longer with us because a little piece of their heart transferred over to ours when they left us making our hearts a fraction of their size.


I would imagine their heart to be strong like their bodies but never really giving out the way that their bodies do.

I would imagine that all dog’s carry a similar heart but with different missions. None less important than the other of course.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our friends. May your day be filled with big fluffy hearts.



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