In Case You Were Wondering What A Newf Sounds Like When It Falls Off The Couch….Apparently It Is This
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  • Post published:19/04/2021
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The other night I was pulling into the driveway and I hit the garage.

With my car.

Slammed right into it.

I’m not sure if my brakes just decided not to work at that exact moment in time or if I slid on the ice.

Either way I ran into the garage.


When I first did it I was like: “OMG. I’m in so much trouble.”

Then I realized I was not 15 and I did not steal my parents car and I did not hit my Dad’s garage.

I’m adult.

I hit my garage.

So I looked at my crunched garage and slowly backed my car up.

Amazingly the garage almost went back to it’s natural shape when I removed the hood of my car from it.

Then I looked around.

My family was inside the house at the time of impact.

Did they not just hear that?

Where is love?

Where is the concern?

Dudes. I just slammed into the garage with my car.

So I picked up my cell phone and called my husband.

“I just hit the garage. With my car.” I said when he answered.

“Oh. Is that what that noise was? I thought I heard something but I thought Leroy fell off the couch. I’ll be right down.” He said.

So I sat there and waited.

And then I was like wait…….

Did he just say he thought Leroy fell off the couch?

Does smashing into the garage remotely sound like a dog falling off of the couch?

Then I thought about the last time I heard Leroy fall off the couch.

Hmmmmm. Interesting.

I could see how that could be possible.

So my husband came out and inspected the damage I made to the garage and luckily, except for a minor dent in the frame, all was good, for now. I suspect we may have to do some adjustments in the future.

And then Gracie came down to see if I was injured.

I told her I was fine and then she said I heard the noise but I thought it was the T.V. and then when I realized it wasn’t the T.V. I thought Leroy fell off the couch.

Which made me think:

How often does Leroy really fall off the couch or are we just assuming that whenever there is a loud noise that it’s Leroy falling off of the couch?

What are we missing here and do I need to add a foam pit around all of the couches in my house?

Sooooooo….in case you were wondering what it sounds like when a Newfie falls off a couch…..apparently it sounds like a car smashing into a garage.

Coincidentally, that night, just as I was drifting off to dreamville, Leroy fell off the couch outside of my bedroom.

It’s pretty loud.

I think he was messing with my head but just in case…. the foam pits are being installed today.

p.s. No worries please. When Leroy falls off the couch he doesn’t slam on the floor. Picture an uncoordinated giant dog getting stuck in the cushions and over dramatizing it.




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