Geraniums Are Toxic to Dogs. I Didn’t Know That!
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We are still in the process of Leroy proofing the backyard and everything is coming along nicely but slowly and I am starting to get a little impatient for the finished project to get done.

I am all ready to start enjoying my “Leroy proof” backyard and I want to plant my flowers now.

The plan was to wait until all the messy construction stuff was done and then I could start prettying the area up.

However, I don’t like to wait so I went to the store this weekend and started buying flowers.

I already knew what I wanted.

I wanted purple petunias.


I always use petunias. They are my favorite and I know that they are not toxic to dogs.

 It would be perfectly safe for Leroy to take a bite out of one and that is the whole point of “Leroy proofing” the backyard, to keep Leroy safe.

However, when I was at the store, these flowers caught my eye:

are geraniums toxic to dogs

I’m not a flower expert so I had no idea what they were until I looked at the little flower card.

Hmmm. They’re geraniums. They sure are pretty. I’ll take 3 pots of them.

I was so excited about my pretty purple geraniums.

So when I got home instead of planting the purple petunias that I had planned on for my flower box I planted the geraniums and put the petunias in hanging baskets.

They looked so pretty! I was so proud of them and I even put my St.Francis statue in there for an added touch!

I thought maybe I had finally found my green thumb.

Then I started thinking.

Then because I am paranoid, I went inside and googled “are geraniums toxic to dogs?”

Wouldn’t you know that they are!

According to the ASPCA, geranium pelargonium can be toxic to dogs and toxic to cats.

What makes the plant toxic? The geranium plant contains geraniol and linalool, which can be troublesome when ingested.

The geranium plant is known for causing vomiting, loss of appetite, depression, and dermatitis.

How Many geraniums a Dog Have To Eat For It To Be Toxic?

Geraniums are thankfully not highly toxic compared to other plants that can be found in your yard.

The size of the pet and the amount they ingested is what will matter. 



What to Do If Your Pet Has Ingested Some Of a Geranium Plant

Watch your dog for signs of toxicity and call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Hotline (888-426-4435) for guidance. 





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