Furball Dog Ornament
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  • Post published:19/04/2021
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round dog ornament filled with dog furround dog ornament filled with dog fur

Last week I was cleaning out one of my closets and I came across a bag of Sherman’s hair. 

I randomly save bags of dog hair because I never know when I might want to use it and coming across this bag of fur was a bittersweet surprise. 

I knew as soon as I opened it that it was Sherman’s hair because it was super thick.

I ran my fingers through the fur and closed the bag up and set it safely back in the closet. 

A few days later I was out shopping and I came across these plastic ornaments that were on sale and I knew that I had to grab them and make a furball ornament for Odin.

homemade dog ornament made of dog hairhomemade dog ornament made of dog hair

I’ve made these before for Sherman and Leroy and I’m so happy that I did because it’s definitely a keepsake piece that every dog owner should have!

This time I used plastic ornaments instead of glass ones (They were on sale at Michaels for a $1) and I used stickers for the names and ribbon to tie on the top. 

They came out really cute and I actually like them better than the heart ones that I did. 

These are great to hang on your Christmas tree, set in a decorative bowl or keep next to your dog’s picture.

Easy DIY dog ornamentEasy DIY dog ornament

And a bonus is that they are a lot easier for big dog owners to make over the salt dough paw print ornaments. 

These are also great gifts for groomers to give to their clients!

This is so easy that I don’t think you need a tutorial!

Just grab some plastic or glass ornaments in any shape you want.  (right now is a great time because they are on sale at most places)

Brush your dog (or collect dog hair from under the couch) and stuff the fur in the ornament. 

You can decorate it any way you want or don’t decorate it all!

Save the fur. Make the ornament. One day you’ll be glad that you did.

***Stickers, ornaments, and ribbon purchased at Michaels Craft Store.

I threw my receipt away but the total was under $8. The stickers were the most expensive and I bought 2 packs because I needed 2 smaller case e’s

Save the fur. Make these ornaments.Save the fur. Make these ornaments.

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