Follow the Dog Home. How A Simple Walk Unleashed an Incredible Journey.
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Welcome to my very first book review here on My Brown Newfies!

I am so excited to bring you this review because like I stated in a previous post, it has been many years since I have had the pleasure to sit down and curl up with a good book.

Follow the Dog Home. How a simple walk unleashed an incredible journey, was the perfect book to get me back to the wonderful world of reading.

Thanks to this book I am hooked.

While any book that contains the story of a dog and its family is going to be a good read in my opinion, Follow the Dog Home is way more than that.

The book contains several stories that are written by three generations of the Walsh family.  The stories begin when Kevin Walsh is out for a walk with his German Shepard named Beverly, who on more than one occasion, leads unsuspecting Kevin to his father’s childhood home.

After that the journey leads the Walsh’s to remember incredible and inspirational tales of their favorite furry family relatives.

The simple yet engaging stories told by Bob, Kevin and Samantha Walsh will make you cry in one chapter and laugh through the next. Each person writes their story in their own words which keeps the book interesting and fun.

I think that most dog owners will be able to relate to the book in some way whether it be from sharing in a similar experience or relating to a specific breed that is mentioned in the book. I certainly laughed when Bob Walsh was telling the story of his first big dog, a St. Bernard named Murphy.

“Murphy’s mischief wasn’t limited to the house. I actually built him a home of his own outside. It was a miniature Swiss chalet, complete with insulation and overhang. I had a Japanese maple planted next to it to provide ample shade. He ate the tree. I’m not kidding: he ate the tree.”

Murphy’s time was cut way to short with the Walsh family, but I’m not going to tell you why because I will cry again. You’ll have to read it for yourself:)

Follow the Dog Home is a wonderful book and in my opinion suitable for ages ten and up. In fact, I am passing this book along to Bobby who has been on my tail to finish the book so he could read it!

It’s a book that demonstrates that dogs are not just dogs, they provide us with a wonderful and unique bond that only they can give us, and we might not even know it is there until they are gone.

Follow the Dog Home will get you to thinking about the dogs of your past, your parents past and your grand parents past.  I know it did for me and now I am wondering what incredible journey is waiting out there for me to discover it!

For more information on the book you can visit the official Follow the Dog Home site or you can visit them on Facebook. 

*****I’ll have a giveaway for this book coming up next week so keep your eyes out!

*Disclosure-I received a free hard copy of Follow the Dog Home in return for my honest review of the book. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine only!





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