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With 2019 coming to an end I thought it would be nice to do a recap of 9 of my favorite blog posts of this year along with a little FYI for each.

Thank you again for all of your love and support this year. I wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

With exactly 100 blog posts written in 2019 (which is the most I’ve ever written in a year) it’s hard to narrow them down but the personal posts are always my favorite.

In no particular order:

 Happy 11th Birthday Leroy

Those of you that have been following us for many years no that getting Leroy to this point has been nothing short of a miracle. 


He definitely has had his ups and downs this year and celebrating this special day with him was amazing. 

11 is a great age for any Newfoundland and even greater for a Newfie with a chronic illness. 

The Newfoundland as a Working Dog

This is one of my newer posts but it’s always fun to go back to basics and visit the Newfoundland breed and what they were bred to do. 

We need more working Newfoundlands and less couch potato Newfies. 

I’m excited to get Odin doing more working related activities in 2020 and I hope you’ll join us!

Products That Can Help Keep Senior Dogs On Their Paws

I love, love, love writing about our senior Newfies and any product that can help keep them comfortable is important. 


I invested a small fortune this year in senior products for Sherman and Leroy and I’m so glad that I did.

The Day The Ashes Came Home. 

This post was written by my heart and was the toughest day that I faced in 2019. 

Your words of comfort meant the world to me and helped me more than you’ll ever know. 


Dog cremation ashes in wooden box with sunflowerDog cremation ashes in wooden box with sunflower

I often go back and read your comments to remind myself that I’m not alone in my grief. 

The Dog Slobber Challenge. 

Oh! This challenge was so fun and perfect for Newfs. 

It was created in honor of Sherman and I had such a great time seeing everyone’s submissions and it made me laugh and proud at the same. 

Thank you to everyone that joined in!

Meet Odin!

Of course, this one made the list! 

One of the best days of the year was when Odin came to us. 

landseer newfoundlandlandseer newfoundland

If you would have told me a year ago that I would adopt a Landseer I would have told you that you were crazy but Odin was a much-needed gift that my family and I needed. 

He has helped me so much in the short time that he’s been here and I know it was meant to be. 

So many adventures will be happening for Odin next year!

A Letter To My Dog’s First Owner

This post was definitely written out of anger but I’m so glad that I wrote it and put it out there. 

Thank you to everyone that shared it!

I never told you this but it did reach Odin’s first owner. 

I did not approve the comment to get posted for Odin’s safety and my sanity but I did read it. 

It was not exactly nice and the previous owner did not approve of my opinion of him. 

The Scarecrow Had a Brain All Along

Leroy and Halloween are 2 of my favorite things and while this was his last costume, I had a great time and absorb all the goodness. 

brown newfoundland dog dressed as scarecrow for Halloweenbrown newfoundland dog dressed as scarecrow for Halloween

He goes out the same way he came in. 

Common Health Problems Seen With The Newfoundland

Talking about health issues is never fun but my hope with writing this post was to make Newfie owners aware of the most common issues that Newfoundlands face so that they can recognize them. 

And that’s that!

Thank you again for all of your support through sharing, commenting and liking. 

2020 may bring some changes to the blog but we will keep on trucking along and having fun while doing it!

If you’re interested in seeing my favorite pictures of each month this year you can head over to our Instagram and view our stories!

Happy New Year everyone. 

May 2020 be good to us all!


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