Dog Insomnia and How to Fix it. Guest Post
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Please welcome this guest post written by Alex Fields: Dog Insomnia And How To Fix It

Perhaps one of the most annoying and frustrating things that you will encounter as a dog owner is to see your dog restless all throughout the night. And not just for one night, but for many nights already and possibly more nights to come. And if you see your dog wandering around while the sun is not up, you cannot help but wonder yourself what the cause might be. Well, you might be in for a surprise for the causes might be so simple you might have overlooked it or never thought of it. And with that, here are the tips and tricks on how to get your dog to sleep through the night. There are four common reasons why your dog cannot sleep at night and I will explain them and give the remedies as well.

1. One of the tips on how to get your dog to sleep through the night is to check if there are any changes going on. We human beings would love to be settled on our very own bed and sleep all through out the night. And in the same manner, dogs would love the same thing as well. Try to check their own bed if there are any changes such as the position of the bedding, or the shifting of their sleeping crate. Even the smallest thing can cause sleeping disturbances among dogs. Then if you see some alterations, try to change it back the way it used to be. That might help a lot.

2. Another trick is to prepare the bed well. Nobody can sleep well without comfort, right? So in order for you to ensure that they are getting the right amount of sleep that they need, make sure that comfort will be present. Use some soft bedding for more comfort. Another trick is to put a small clock with a rhythmic beat under the blanket – but this trick works mostly for puppies.

3. As we all know, dogs are very active animals. Most, if not all love to run around and play. But when you forget to give your dog some physical activities to do such as a walk, play time in the park, or some obedience training, the tendency is that your dog will become really bored. Then they usually find some way to use all the energy they have stored, and sometimes it is taken out on your shoes or furniture. And when they can’t release thier energy they will become restless and frustrated. That is why exercise is really important for dogs. Take time to give them something that they would really enjoy that is good exercise. A well exercised dog will usually sleep well at night.

4. Last but not the least on this list on curing your dogs sleeplessness is to always follow the feeding schedule. When you feed your dog irregularly, they will be storing lots of energy that they might not use all day, hence giving them more energy and become restless all throughout the night. So set a feeding schedule and make sure you are going to follow it strictly.

These simple yet effective tips should solve most doggie insomnia that you should face. If these tips aren’t working then it could be a medical condition that you will need to see a vet for.

Alex Fields is a part time writer and dog lover. He also writes for 

Thank you for the wonderful guest post Alex!



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