Do Newfoundland Dogs Drool?
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There are 2 things that Newfoundland dogs are most known for and that’s shedding and drooling. 

It’s part of what makes them a Newfie and those parts may not be desirable to some people who want a big dog but not the mess that may come with that big dog.

The fact is, all dogs drool at some point in time but breeds such as the Newfie, bring a lot more drool into the equation.

Why Do Newfie’s Drool?

Newfie’s drool because of the formation of their mouth.

They have loose lips (flews) and the corners of their mouth tend to turn down where the drool or water accumulates and spills over. 

Dog’s that don’t have loose lips don’t have a place to store their salvia so it goes down their throat.

Do All Newfoundland Dogs Drool the Same?

No. Some Newfoundland dogs drool only when they’re begging, taking a drink of water or eating. 

Other Newfies, like Sherman, drool almost 24/7.

Some Newfies create one slobber string while others have the ability to create double slobber strings, aka shoestrings. 

Some Newfies can create slobber art and make Newfie necklaces or earrings with their drool and others have the ability to make breathtaking bubbles. 

Few Newfies are constant faucets, I just got lucky with Sherman.

Some Newfies need to wear a bib, some do not. 

When Do Newfoundland Dogs Start To Drool?

It takes time for this magic to happen.

Most Newfie puppies don’t start to drool until they are at least 1 year old but some won’t really open up the slobber flood gates until they are older.

Leroy was never a big drooler until after he turned 5.

He still can’t top Sherman’s ability to drool constantly but he has his fair share of ground-touchers

newfoundland dog with double drool stringsnewfoundland dog with double drool strings

When Do Newfies Drool The Most?

Most Newfies tend to drool when they are begging, eating, drinking water and when they are hot or excited. 

Newfs pant when they are hot to cool off. The more they pant, the more they drool.

Newfies are messy drinkers.

They will often leave a path of water from their water bowl to their next destination, which means if you can’t find your Newfoundland, just follow the trail of water. 

Is There Such Thing As a Dry Mouth Newfoundland?

There are some Newfie’s who barely drool but should not be considered a dry-mouth as this is a term created by backyard dog breeders. 

All dogs have salvia glands that create spit.

It’s used to help them swallow food.

Medically speaking you don’t want any dog to have a dry-mouth. 

Dog breeders who claim to have dry-mouth Newfoundlands are either using it as a marketing ploy or they have tried to breed out the loose flews and replace them with tighter ones. 

This is altering the breed and is usually done for selfish reasons or to meet demand. 

Yes, there are some Newfies that have flews that are too loose. 

Sherman is one example of a dog that has pretty loose flews, Leroy’s are tighter but they’re still there and he still drools. 

A tighter flew isn’t going to produce less dog slobber, it’s just going to keep it from dripping out of the mouth more frequently.

Stay away from breeders who try to sell on the fact that they have dry-mouthed dogs. 

Do You Have To Like Drool To Have a Newfoundland?

You don’t have to like but you’ll have to find a way to get used to it. 

12 years ago my husband couldn’t stand dog drool. Every time he would step in it he would get grossed out.

He would call me over to wipe the dog’s mouth if they were near him and drooling and if he happened to get drool on him he would gag. 

These days it’s not that big of a deal. 

He still doesn’t care for it on his leg but he no longer gags and if a Newf shakes his head and a slobber string goes flying, he’s gotten pretty good at dodging it. 

It’s just spit that sometimes has food, mud or grass in it.

It’s not dangerous.

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For Sherman and Leroy, not all drool is the same. 

If they are nauseous or not feeling well their slobber is thicker and foamier. 

Most people that have a dog that slobbers can definitely tell the difference between normal slobber and not normal slobber.

Are There Any Tips For Dealing With My Newfoundland Dogs Drool? 


Some people use dog bibs to easily wipe the Newfie drool from their dog’s mouth. this also keeps the chest and legs dry. 

Keeping the Newf’s chin dry is also a good idea. This will prevent yeast and/or bacteria from building up.

We keep towels in every room so they are easy to grab and wipe a face or clean up a mess on the floor. 

Removing dog drool from your house is pretty easy using Magic Erasers. 

Magic Erasers work great on walls, ceilings, and floors. 

A glass cleaner is great for cleaning slobber of off windows. 

Use a dog bowl mat to catch the drips or try the Slobber Stopper Dog Bowl that makes head dunking and bubble blowing nearly impossible. 

Other Breeds Of Dogs That Drool

The Newfie isn’t the only dog breed that drools. 

Other breeds that are known to drool are the St. Bernard, English Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Bassett Hound, English Bulldog, Bloodhound, Great Pyrenees, Clumber Spaniel, Shar Pei, and Boxer.

I’ve seen quite a few Labs and Goldens produce some worthy slobber strings too!



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