DIY Heart Keepsake Dog Ornament
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I’ve always wanted to make a special ornament with the dogs. Something that will always remind me of them, a small piece of them.

Clay paw ornaments seem to be the way to go with most pet owners but I don’t think that there would be enough clay in the kit to make a clay circle big enough for a Newfie paw AND I’m thinking that the hair on the bottom of the paw would not make the best impression in the clay.

I would have 37 fits of rage trying to make it perfect which eventually would cause me to roll the clay up into a ball and forcefully throw it in the garbage with tears running down my face.  That’s just the vision that dances around in my head.

I need something a little easier, something that’s not going to throw me into 37 fits of rage during the holiday season.

Enter in the easiest DIY dog ornament ever.

Here’s what you need:

  • Plain glass ornament that you can fill. You can use any kind of ornament that you want. I opted for heart shaped ones that I ordered off of Amazon. They cost a little bit more than the traditional round glass ornaments but I was really happy with the quality when they arrived. 
  • Dog hair. We all have enough of this, right? I was able to get enough to fill the heart ornament with 4 passes of the brush through Sherman’s hair.
  • Marker. A marker that writes on glass. I picked one up from a local craft store for about $3.
  • Ribbon. This is optional but if you want to make it super cute, you can easily add in a little bow on the top.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Collect enough dog hair from your dog to fill the ornament. For me, it was about a handful. 
  • Remove top from ornament.
  • Stuff dog hair inside of the ornament. I used a crochet hook to pack it in there. 
  • Write the name of your dog on the outside of the ornament 
  • Tie or glue the bow on if you so desire. I found this really easy way to make a small bow using a fork!

That’s it!


I love the way that ours came out and now I will forever have a piece of Sherman and Leroy with me!

Since the writing of this post, I’ve had quite a few people tell me how thankful they are that they took a few minutes to do this, especially once their dog has passed away.

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