Dear Leroy On Your Birthday,
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Dear Leroy on Your Birthday

Dear Leroy,

Happy 8th Birthday!

Every year it gets harder for me to write your birthday post. I mean, I can only tell you how awesome you are in so many ways!

So this year I will just say thank you for making me laugh.

I believe that God paired us up together because he knew I would need a dog like you at this time in my life. A confident, strong, humorous dog that would get me through life’s curve balls.

He knew I would need something to lean on. An outlet. A diversion. A form of meditation.

So he gave me you.

He knew you could make me laugh. Challenge me. Bring out my creativity. Yet also show me peace.

Our walks and our photography sessions always make me laugh but the mornings that you allow me to sit on the back patio next to you and just breathe are my favorite. They make me smile on the inside.

Dear Leroy On Your Birthday

When our journey together started I never would have thought that we would end up here. I didn’t even think you liked me for the first 4 years but that day in the hospital it all came together. I’ll never forget it and I don’t think you will either. If ever there was to be a sign it was that day at that moment. Thanks for not leaving me that day Roy.

I know that you’re not going to be with me through my whole journey, but you were here when I needed you the most. You gave me my footing and showed me the ropes.

So now that I’m crying on your birthday, I’m sorry, I said no tears, I will leave it at that.

Happy Birthday Leroy, I love you to the moon and back.



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