Connectin. All-In-One Daily Joint Support For Dogs
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Connectin Joint Supplement

We know that all dogs are not created equal.

What works well for one may not work well for another.

These facts ring true in regards to so many things with Sherman and Leroy.

From exercise needs to nutritional needs.

From favorite toys to best places to take a nap.

Even their joints have different needs.

Sherman’s been on the same joint supplement for several years and he’s done wonderful with it.

Leroy’s been on the same one and he’s done o.k. with it.

Leroy doesn’t have the joint issues that Sherman does, actually he doesn’t have any joint issues except that they are getting old and tired. It’s obvious now where it wasn’t so much a year ago.

He’s sometimes slow to get up, he’s a little stiff.

I’m probably the only one that notices it but that’s my job.

Because of this, I decided to try out a new joint supplement with him.


Now, I’m usually pretty hesitant to write about joint supplements. I actually get asked to review them on a weekly basis and most of the time I politely decline. There’s just so many to choose from and I’m pretty particular on what I want Sherman and Leroy to try.

But…..Sherman has a joint supplement that works and Leroy doesn’t so last week, when we reviewed OptaGest by In Clover, I decided to also try out there joint supplement.

Why not? We love the OptaGest. Let’s see what else they’ve got!

Connectin. An all-in-one DAILY joint support for dogs.

Support stiff, aging bodies or protect young, healthy joints with Connectin®. The only joint supplement clinically proven by independent researchers to improve comfort and mobility in an average of 15 days, Connectin’s complete, patented formula nourishes the joint and its surrounding structures. Feeding Connectin daily supplies the body with all three essential joint building blocks critical to healthy joint function plus a power-packed herbal blend for noticeable, lasting results.

Active Ingredients: (powder)

Ingredients per scoop

1 scoop = 3.5 tsp. or 8.5 g.

Mucopolysaccharides (porcine source of chondroitin sulfate & hyaluronic acid)1200 mg
Yucca Root1200 mg
Glucosamine HCl 99%+ pure (shellfish)625 mg
Alfalfa500 mg
Nettle Leaf300 mg
Devil’s Claw100 mg
Celery Seed50 mg
Black Cohosh Root50 mg
Ginger Root50 mg
Turmeric Root50 mg
Cayenne Pepper5 mg

Inactive Ingredients: 

  • Natural porcine liver flavor

Available in canine tablets, canine soft chews, feline tablets, feline powder and an equine formula.

Made in the USA by In Clover

Why I Decided To Try It:

  • I’m familiar with the ingredients.
  • Leroy already uses an In Clover product and has had good results.
  • It comes in a powder!
  • The powder comes in a BIG container! 23 oz to be exact! That means a whole container will last me well over a month!

I’m a big stickler about how I give joint supplements and a powder formula has always worked the best for us. IMO, when you’re giving a giant breed dog a joint supplement, a powder is way easier than having to give multiple tablets or chews a day. To each their own on this though.

Connectin has been tested
Connectin has undergone university studies at an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited veterinary hospital. The double-blind, placebo-controlled studies used the state-of- the-art force-plate analysis, a statistically significant number of dogs participated in the trial and showed significant improvement at a 95% confidence level.

The verdict:

  • I’ve been giving Connectin to Leroy for 4 weeks and have seen noticeable results in his stiffness and ease of getting up.
  • Leroy loves it. He won’t eat his food now unless the Connectin is on it.
  • He attacked the container the other day and wanted to eat the whole thing.
  • That’s all the proof I need.

Read more about In Clover and check them out on Facebook.

*Disclosure. This is a sponsored post written by me for In Clover. My Brown Newfies only shares information about that we use and think that our readers may be interested. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine only.

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