But My Pajamas Are Comfortable And My Face Hurts
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Today I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful comments that you left on my post last week when I came clean about my current employment status, of which is zero, zilch and non existent.

I’m paying you thanks in sunflower pictures because right now that’s all I got.

You all had awesome and motivating comments.

But…………..I’m extremely sorry, sort of, to tell you that my status report since than has not changed much at all.

I still have absolutely no routine and no order to my daily life.

Well actually, that’s not all true.

I did manage to make dinner every single night last week.

I swear I did.

It might not of been the best line up of dinners, but they were made and for the most part, they were edible.

brown newf

And I did get a new desk calendar and some pretty new colorful Sharpies.

I have three things written on my calendar for September in purple and blue.

I’m pretty open for the month of September if you want to get together and hang, except for Saturdays. I’m booked on Saturdays for the next 3 months.

And I did get to Bath and Body Works and picked up some of my favorite fall scents.

Yum………Pumpkin Cupcake. That’s actually a very distracting scent because I keep sniffing the candle and getting a cupcake high. It’s the best kind of high though.

I do not recommend sniffing Sharpies and the Pumpkin Cupcake candle right after one another. That just gives you a headache.

I’ve taken several pictures of sunflowers. I even tried the oranges in the vase thing with the sunflowers and………………that didn’t work very well. Those damn crafty people make things look so easy.

So I just have sunflowers in a plain vase. With no oranges. Bummer.


And I’ve gotten in some very good soccer practice time with Gracie, but I almost died because that little girl is super fast and my lungs can’t keep up with her and the ball hit me in the face twice, because I’m not allowed to use my hands and my reflexes suck. They suck bad.

However, my house is still a mess and I actually think there is a very good chance that it is messier than when I worked.

You would think that I would of at least cleaned one room of the house, but I have not and to be honest I don’t care. One thing we know for sure is that I’m not a very good housekeeper and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon, but I did clean the slobber off the freshly painted walls downstairs as per the request from my husband. He didn’t request that the slobber be cleaned off the freshly painted ceiling or sliding door, so I only cleaned the slobber off the walls. 🙂

I didn’t join the PTA like I thought I might, either.

PTA is not my thing. It’s not that it’s a bad thing it’s just not my thing.

Sure I want to be more involved with the kids and their education but Gracie called me three times from school last week to bring her new shoes and Bobby would prefer that if I’m at school that I don’t acknowledge him, so I think we’re good.


Most of the days I stay in my PJ’s all day. I tried wearing jeans one day but my jeans got tight after eating lunch so I had to put my sweats back on which just created more laundry.

I definitely did get out of the house a lot more last week and had some very awkward moments of which I will save to tell you about another day and I’ve been taking “selfie” pictures of the boys and me. It didn’t go very well and I scraped up my knee, but I’ll share the pics with you tomorrow anyway, regardless of how embarrassing they might be.

I guess I would have to say that right now everyday is an experiment. It’s not adventure, it’s an experiment. It may or not all fall into place or it may blow up in my face, of which my face pretty much still hurts from getting hit by the soccer ball, so I’m kinda hoping that doesn’t happen.

I suppose there’s room for improvement.

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