Blogging Bloopers. Do You Have Any?
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Let’s face it, blogging bloopers happen to all of us.

No matter how careful we are, no matter how many times we proof read, sometimes we slip up.

Right? Please tell me I’m not alone here.


Sometimes I think I am the queen of blogging bloopers. They happen to me all the time and I am left banging my head against the computer desk.


Here are some blogging bloopers that I am known for:


Some of my regular blogging bloopers are typos.

Even with spell check, I still manage to make countless errors.

Take my post the other day about How I Trained My Dogs To Pee In A Bowl.

I spelled pepper wrong. Peeper is what came out.

One of my Twittter buddies called me out on it and I just laughed. I decided to leave it because, well……  peeper worked  in the post too. We were talking about pee and peppers so peeper is now a new pepper hybrid.

Bobby is another one that fumbles me up. Booby is sometimes what comes out and I don’t catch it. Yes I call my son a Booby, but not on purpose. Caren from Dakota’s Den called me out on that one and of course I immediately changed it.

There and their is another one that hangs me out to dry too. Obviously I know the difference but sometimes my fingers are faster than my eyes and I  just don’t catch it for a few days after the post is live. It’s embarrassing because most of you have already read it and just chalked it up to another typo of mine.

Chose and Choose. Seriously what was I doing in grade school?

Sherman’s registered name is The Chosen One. That is how I figure it out, Sherman is not The Choosen One. So therefore my choice now is to choose, because that is what I chose to do. Ha!

I will not ever be able to repeat that.

Titles and tags.

My blogging bloopers aren’t confined to just typos either. A few times I have forgotten to title my post. I remember seeing it one time in my blog feed and I was like, WTH?  Who stole my title? Oops. My bad.

Tagging gets me a lot too., but WP is making it a lot easier, when I remember. I think I need an alarm to go off when I forget tags. TAGS!TAGS!TAGS!

Blog Hops

Blog Hops are another blooper of mine. More than my fair share of times I have entered a blog hop more than once because I got a little too excited with my enter key. There’s my blog. Twice. Just making sure you didn’t miss it.


Comments are another big blooper of mine. Sometimes I just type to fast hit enter and then notice my error. Wait! Come back here comment! Then I have to go in and type another comment with an apology. I’m sorry if I have ever done this on your blog!

In my defense, I am a blooper in everyday life too. My day is filled with bloopers all the time. Everyday. Just ask my husband.

So tell me, am I alone in the world of blogging bloopers or do you have some too? Please share.




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