A Letter To My Dog’s First Owner
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  • Post published:19/04/2021
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landseer newfoundland sleeping on floorlandseer newfoundland sleeping on floor

Dear Odin’s Former Owner, 

This letter should be simple to write to you but since the subject (my dog) is complex, I’ve rewritten it several times.

The first draft was a little too empathetic because I tried to understand your situation of being first-time parents and the stress and overwhelming feelings that comes with that adventure.

I’ve been there. 

No, I really have.

18 years ago I brought home a newborn to a Newfie and it was overwhelming and scary when the Newfie stuck his head inside the bassinet and I realized that his head was the same size as my son’s body.

newfoundland dog playing with toynewfoundland dog playing with toy

But I didn’t throw my Newfie out in the backyard and let him fend for himself. 

And that’s where my empathy for you stops.

I have your dog. Actually he’s my dog, but for a brief moment, he belonged to you until you decided that he was disposable. 

He was a member of your family for 1 year. He loved you unconditionally and you selfishly didn’t try to find him a new home or return him to the breeder, you put him outside like he was trash. 

You abandoned him when he never would have abandoned you. 

landseer newfoundland dog with brown eyeslandseer newfoundland dog with brown eyes

You abused him when you let him continuously get shot by pellets instead of just reaching out to someone to take him. 

The more I get to know Odin, the more disgust that I have for you.

The dog that you put out for trash, is an awesome dog and thankfully his Newfie spirit, while crushed, is beginning to show again. 

In 2 weeks he’s become apart of my family and you know what?

girl hugging newfoundland doggirl hugging newfoundland dog

He loves kids. He greets my kids every day when they come home from school with a wagging tail and kisses. 

And that jumping that he does? He’s a smart boy and we were able to train that right out of him in 2 days tops. 

Do you know that because of what you did to him he has a fear of being outside by himself?

He quickly does his business and then runs to seek cover probably because he fears he’s going to be shot. 

All he wants to do is be surrounded by people that will keep him safe. 

black and white newfoundland dogblack and white newfoundland dog

His eyes, they’re a tunnel to his soul and I have no idea how you could look at those eyes and go about your life without a care in the world for his. 

You’re undeserving of a Newfie’s love.

I wish I could say this to your face but your identity was not released to me so perhaps this letter will find you across the internet one day.

Until then, your loss is my gain and my family and I will reap the benefits of being loved by Odin and he will always have a home.


Odin’s Mom-Forever




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