7 Office Tips For Your Co-Workers On Take Your Dog To Work Day #takeyourdog
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Take Your Dog To Work DayTake Your Dog To Work Day

I’ve never worked in an office before for a variety of reasons so I’m not sure exactly what it’s like on Take Your Dog To Work Day but I can only imagine that it’s similar to what a preschool would be like if a dog ever came to visit.

Oh its’ a dog! Nobody ever taught me how to approach a dog so let me just run up and invade its personal space!

So who are the parents of these children who approach dogs in this manner out in public? Well they could be some of your co-workers.

Just in case that’s true, and most likely it is, here’s a few tips for you to hang up on your cubicle on Friday to avoid a bad situation for all parties involved.

1. Ask before you approach. Always ask your co-worker with the dog if it’s ok to approach. One would hope that people are only bringing dogs to work with them who are comfortable in these types of environments but you never know. If this is a dog’s first visit to the office they may be overly excited or nervous. If you ask before you approach everyone stays safe.

2. Wait. If the your co-worker has stepped away for a minute and the dog is alone, come back later. Unless you know this dog very well and this dog knows you, you are both better off waiting to meet. Put your hands down and walk away.

3. Always approach the dog from the side and do not get in his face. Never go to pet the top of the dog’s head first and don’t grab the ears or tail. How would you feel if you were meeting someone for the first time and they moved their hand in fast to your face. I personally would go for a karate chop.

4. Let sleeping dogs lie. If the dog is taking a quick power nap let it be. You don’t like being woken up from a nap so respect the napping dog. Plus if you go in for a belly rub you might startle the dog which could end badly for you both.

5. Ask before you feed. If you brought special doggie treats in for TYDTWD that is so thoughtful and fun but make sure you ask before you give that special treat. Some dogs have allergies or are on a special diet and one small treat can upset their stomach for days.

6. Never bend over a dog. If you’re meeting your co-workers small dog try kneeling next to them so you’re more on their level. A dog may feel threatened with a tall stranger hovering over them drooling.

7. Play date time. If you want your dog to meet your co-workers dog ask first. This is another you would hope situation. One would hope that a dog that is participating in BYDTWD is dog friendly but again you never know. Maybe it’s a small dog intimated by large dogs or vice versa. It’s always good to ask instead of assuming.

Take Your Dog To Work Day is suppose to a fun and exciting day for all parties involved. It was created by Pet Sitters International to celebrate the great companions dogs make and encourage their adoptions. It encourages employers to experience the joy of pets in
the workplace on this special day and support their local pet community. Using a little common sense can make the day enjoyable for everyone. Don’t be the co-worker who ruins it for the rest of the office.

Thinking of taking your dog to work with you on Friday? Chief Veterinary Medical Officer, Dr. Jules Benson from PetPlan, has some great tips to share:

  • Wheel Nightmare: “Rolling office chairs can be a real problem,” says Benson. “Tails and paws are often easily run over if people aren’t careful. If pets are in the office, get in the habit of looking around your chair before rolling away from your desk.”
  • Don’t Share Your Lunch: Benson also recommends keeping human food away from dogs to prevent accidental ingestion of onions, avocados, grapes and other foods that are poisonous to pets, adding, “If you have ‘human’ treats in the office like we do,  be extra careful about pets getting access to chocolate, which can be very toxic.” It’s also important to keep trash cans out of paw’s reach. Investing in ones with pet-proof lids is great or simply remove waste baskets from the floor for the day.
  • ID is Key:  “Our office policy is that all pets must have a collar ID and be microchipped,” says Dr. Benson.  “One of Petplan’s feline friends, Milo, actually escaped from the office during one of his visits and a police officer found him (at the grocery store down the street!) Thankfully he was wearing proper identification and was safely returned to us.”

Keep in mind that not all dogs may be comfortable visiting your office for the day. I use to take Leroy to work with me all the time but Sherman not so much. Sherman’s a homebody and is much more comfortable right in his home. There’s nothing wrong with that.

So are you taking your dog to work this Friday? Use #takeyourdog if you plan to share!

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