4 Newfoundland Dog Grooming Essentials For Spring
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grooming essentials for newfoundlandgrooming essentials for newfoundland

Spring is right the corner and if you’re anything like me you don’t rely on the weather to tell you that.

You rely on the increase in dog hair that is floating around your house. 

Going from 2 Newfoundlands down to one I was expecting to see a little less dog hair on the furniture and in the butter dish but honestly, I’m not. 

Odin is a constant shedder. 

He gets brushed every day but he loses more hair around the house than from the brush. 

It’s not clumps of hair like Sherman and Leory used to leave, it’s just stray white and black hairs EVERYWHERE.

It’s like dog hair confetti every single day. 

It’s different but not in a bad way just in a “so MANY white hairs are all over the place” kind of way. 

Maybe the brown hairs just blended in more. 

They weren’t as striking as the white. 

Or maybe it’s because Odin’s hair is still trying to adjust to the new climate. 

His coat has come in very nicely over the past 6 months but he doesn’t have an overabundance of that super thick undercoat just yet. 

Anyway, it’s almost spring and I know the shedding is only going to intensify over the next few months so I plan to do the same things that I always did with Sherman and Leroy when they were about to blow their coats. 

When a Newf blows coat in the spring for the first time it can be overwhelming for owners that have never experienced it. 

It seems like your dog should be bald by the amount of hair that they are losing. 

It seems like it’s neverending but it will end (or at least slow down) I promise. 

Over the years I’ve learned that there are some Newfoundland dog grooming essentials that can make the spring shedding season a little easier. 

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High-Velocity Dog Dryer

I know that purchasing a dog dryer can be an expensive buy but it really is worth the money even if you take your dog to a groomer. 

Using a dog blaster on a dog’s coat when it’s dry will save you a ton of time. 

The high-velocity dryer blasts all of the loose hair and dander out of the coat. 

If you dry blow your Newf just a few times a week for several minutes you will be amazed at how much hair you can remove without lifting a brush. 

It’s going to save you time and keep your dog’s coat and skin cleaner during spring. 

I have a list of high-velocity dog dryers that are popular among Newfie owners.

They can range from under $150 to over $400 and there’s a wide variety to choose from. 

See: How To Choose The Best Dog Dryer For Your Newfoundland

A Good Grooming Rake. 

A grooming rake is going to be your #1 grooming tool during shedding season. 

The tines get under the guard hairs and go right for the loose undercoat.

You can get grooming rakes from a variety of places and many people have more than one. 

Most pet stores have them and many online retailers will have them also. 

Finding a good grooming rake, I believe, is based on personal preference and the dog’s coat. 

A lot of Newfies have different textures to their coat so what works for one may not work for another. 

Also, the size of a person’s hand will come into play.

I have small hands and I like grooming tools with wood handles but some people prefer plastic handles. 

See: Grooming Tools For The Newfoundland.

A Good Comb 

You should be doing a lot of line combing during the spring. 

This will help remove the loose undercoat and help mats from forming.

A wide-tooth comb will work for most of the dog’s body.

A fine-tooth comb is good for the ear area.

Greyhound or buttercombs are a good option. Choosing a good comb is based on your budget. You don’t need to buy a $50 comb!

See: Grooming Tools For The Newfoundland.

A Detangler 

A good tangler spray will help the comb glide through those really thick areas such as the pants area. 

Simply spray the detangler on the coat, massage it in,  and glide your comb through.

The pants area can be really difficult to groom so having a detangler spray on hand is good for you and for your dog. 

Start at the top and work your way down, spray as you go. 

I love using Pro Gro conditioner for this. 

I just dilute it down into a spray bottle. 

Other dog grooming essentials that can come in handy for this time of the year are grooming tables, thinning shears (if you’ll be doing grooming yourself) and a lick mat or a stuffed Kong.

This will keep your dog occupied and in one place. 

And remember, if your Newfie isn’t a huge fan of being groomed, keep your sessions short and sweet. 

Most Newfies will blow their coat for a few weeks to a few months depending on their coat, you have plenty of time to work through it!

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