10 Dog Related Things I’ve Asked For And Didn’t Get
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When it comes to Sherman and Leroy I’m always asking for something for them.

It’s not the usual I want a new dog leash.

It’s a bit more outrageous and expensive than that and I’m always trying to sell my husband on why they must have this item that I am yearning for. My husband, being the awesome man that he is, always does the best to pacify me, and nods.

Here’s a small list of things that I have asked for over the years.

  • Dog pool, shaped like a dog bone. It’s only $400 but it will last a lifetime.
  • Dog lap pool. Seriously that would be so easy to build and it would benefit both the dogs greatly and I have the spot all picked out for it.
  • Underwater treadmill. It’s only a few thousand but it would save us millions.
  • Dog house for Leroy. It was really a playhouse for kids, but I could make that look so cute for a dog! Very practical.
  • Homemade dog cart. This one I got, but then I broke it. Another one is in the works.
  • Old wine crate so that I could make a water bowl stand for the back patio.
  • Trough. A big metal one.
  • An addition to the house so I could have a grooming room, fully equipped with all the new and expensive grooming tools.

And that’s just the short list.

So imagine my surprise when my husband came home the other day and told me he got me something. Well, he said it’s not really for you, but it’s something you asked for.

So I knew it was something for the dogs.

Then he told me it wasn’t ready yet because he just got it and it would take some time to do what needed to be done with it.

Then my mind started to get excited and I started listing all the things off in my head.

Then I started to realize that I really ask for some crazy stuff.

Then I had to pause because I hadn’t guessed what it was yet.

Then I guessed what it was!

An old wine crate!


How thoughtful!

It was like Christmas morning for me.

I was just so excited that he remembered and that he actually really DOES listen to me when I talk!

I have the best husband ever.

Now where’s my dog lap pool?

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